jeudi 25 septembre 2014


This is a selection of my favourite pictures from last week's photoshoot. I am so happy to have finally been able to take pictures on a beautiful carrousel like this one ! But even more beautiful is Mila in those photographs. I hope you will enjoy them.

Let us enter the dream !

* *


...Until next time~

dimanche 14 septembre 2014

Random Summer

Yesterday, we went to shop at thrift stores with Mila dear~ And went to eat crepes, as well. We walked way too much. Not used to that.

Mila is wearing Dearli dress, Ahcahcum Muchacha tote bag, Grimoire barrette (a little gift with lots of love in it~)
And I am wearing Mumuhome dress (Taobao), Btssb bolero and socks, An*Tai*Na shoes

Isn't the the loveliest thing you've ever seen ?


And some other very random pictures from my vacation~

A little lovely polaroid from back in June for Mila's birthday. Aliénor wasn't here unfortunately, so we made her a little card with her name (which we don't see AT ALL) and took a picture of it.

In Brittany, spent my days at the beach~

Macbook-kun ressucitated ! Go Macbook-kun.

I also sometimes remember I have BJDs. Need to re-do her make-up, poor thing.


And some more casual stuff~ I as very happy to finally get some cherries earrings, I dreamt of them for months. I'm also very happy to finally have fake eye-lashes, it's my first time trying them ever. Hence why I took pictures.
Also some random outfits from some time ago. I made buns for the first time. And they stayed in place, oh my !


And I think this is it.

dimanche 7 septembre 2014


 Moi-même-Moitié OP, Juliette et Justine necklace, Yolanda hat

An outfit from last month. I love this dress so much, I wish I had tons of feathers to do it justice. I would also love to wear it in a hime style, since it strongly resembles this Jesus Diamante dress (that I also need badly).